Here’s what our Members say about being part of the Showcase Jewellers Buying Group.

The staff & management are the just the best, nothing is too much trouble whether it is fixing website issues to creating beautiful display material, or seaching for diamonds. Our diamond department has access to world wide range of fancy diamond at a very good price so why shop anywhere else. They take the stress out of everyday running of the business with the accounting system & allows us as owners to get on with running our business. I am extremely happy to be a member of Showcase Jewellers

- Rosie Ficarra

Starting a new business can be extremely daunting when you have so much to consider. Showcase made it so easy from printing letterhead to a fully completed policy and procedure manual, recruitment, staff training resources even social media content readily available. Then there are the Showcase preferred suppliers, the competitive member discounts and extended payment terms. There is also a great camaraderie between other members, with a shared passion for the jewellery industry, you get a chance to discuss issues and ideas. But perhaps the most helpful aspect has to be the amazing staff and the support they provide. I've asked them some pretty silly question over the years (I've been a member for 7 years now) and everyone has always gone above and beyond to help, clarify, or just completely take care of which means I can focus on the important things in by business my customers!

- Amanda Dillon

Showcase Jewellers are an extremely professional and caring organization that deliver great benefits and service to their members. Additionally, the network of fellow members provides a wealth of information, meaningful discussion and practical experience that helps to improve all our businesses.

- Ross Duff

We have been a member of Showcase Jewellers for over 20 years and cannot speak highly enough of the staff and the organisation itself. They are there for you every step of the way. We are constantly in contact with head office as they are our first stop for information and loose diamonds. Nothing is ever a hassle. They are leaders in their field and that helps make our business more successful.

- CW Jewellers

Being a member of Showcase is great for business. We pick and choose as to what offers/promotions we use, receive buying group discounts and have fabulous marketing support from Head Office. We also have fantastic camaraderie with other small business owners who are part of the membership across Australia and New Zealand.

- Kirsty Ryde

We are one of the original members of Showcase & the benefits of belonging to a group of likeminded people is amazing. There are also wonderful resources that help our small business achieve its success.

- Pontifex Jewellers

Very profession operation. The staff are always very knowledgeable and helpful. They understand the importance of making each member's jewellery store unique, and have developed many strategies and brands to help position Showcase Jewellers as market leaders.

- Mark B

Great support and up to date with the current times in the forever changing jewellery industry

- Melanie Hancock

Great support, promotions & advertising

- Kate Smith

Being part of the Showcase Group is important to our store. From Showcase itself we receive individual and group support on all sorts of topics, marketing, diamond education, websites, – you just have to ask, they’re only a phone call or email away. We do a lot of our own marketing, but engage Showcase when we need something that is a bit beyond our abilities and their turn around is always very quick. A huge benefit to our business is that our website has been set up for us through Showcase. This is our 3rd website and finally we have a site that works. Changes and updates are easy to do and we know that the team are actively working for us, we’re not just getting the ‘Cookie-Cutter’ set up that should work … but doesn’t.”

- Kirsty Walker
(Te Awamutu)